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Honeywell UOP To Facilitate $1.6bn Jordanian Refinery Expansion

Honeywell UOP lately announced that it has signed an agreement with the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Firm (JPRC) to facilitate a US$1.6 billion growth of its refinery in Zarqa, Jordan.

This enlargement will enhance american petroleum institute oil ratings the capacity of the power to one hundred twenty,000 barrels per day and will enable JPRC to upgrade the quality of its products to satisfy Euro V emission specs.

The ceremony was attended by Jordanian prime minister HE Hani Al-Mulki, Jordanian minister of energy and mineral sources HE Dr Ibrahim Saif, JPRC board chairman Walid Asfour, JPRC board vice chairman Omar Al-Kurdi, JPRC CEO Abdul Karim Alaween and Honeywell UOP president and CEO Rebecca Liebert.

“The growth of the Zarqa refinery is an important venture because, in addition to improving the quality of products, it would grow its capacity to 120,000 barrels per day,” stated Alaween. “It will help us meet the rising demand for gas, which is growing at an average of three % every year,” added Alaween.

“Honeywell UOP has worked with JPRC since it was established in 1956, starting with design services and know-how licensing and the subsequent construction of its first refinery,” mentioned Liebert.

“We are particularly grateful to be concerned in the enlargement of the Zarqa refinery, which will increase its volume and upgrade the quality of its petroleum merchandise and support the additional financial growth of Jordan,” added american petroleum institute oil ratings Liebert.

Technologies supplied by Honeywell UOP will embrace crude and vacuum distillation items – designed by Houston-based mostly Process Consulting Services, Inc – for distilling crude oil into numerous fractions.

Honeywell UOP additionally will provide Unicracking™ and hydrotreating items to create clear distillate, as well as CCR Platforming™, Penex™, MinAlk™, Merox™ and Selectfining™ units for producing cleaner-burning high-octane motor fuels, and a Polybed™ PSA unit for purifying hydrogen.

JPRC is the only oil refining company of Jordan, publicly traded on the Amman Inventory Trade, with headquarters in the capital of Amman, and a refinery in Zarqa, 35 kilometres east Petroleum Refinery Production Display of Amman. The company manufactures a wide range of fuels and refinery derivatives, and wholly owns a subsidiary oil marketing firm.